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Journal of Probability and Statistics Volume 2010, Article ID 214358, 17 pages


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Risk Navigator SRM is a ten-step risk management program for agricultural producers, which is based on the strategic planning process. The ten steps are designed to integrate disparate and difficult risk management concepts into a single system that is easy to use, yet still effective. With the aid of computers and the internet, producers can work through each step toward a final comprehensive plan. The website includes 25 decision tools that help producers accomplish each step and provides links to complementary educational programs, like a national agricultural risk education library, the award-winning risk management simulation program called Ag Survivor, and a recently published book that describes the program and provides additional depth and explanations. The ten-step program has been presented in over 200 workshops with over 90 percent approval by participants. The website has averaged over 1,000 unique visitors per month from 120 countries.