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Grain Transportation Problems in Nebraska -- Causes and Cures Proceedings of the Nebraska Grain Transportation Seminar. Sponsored by The Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska, December 12, 1979


(c) 1979 University of Nebraska-Lincoln


The Nebraska feed grain and soybean harvest of 1979 was one which will not soon be forgotten by those who participated in its production and marketing. Yields and production broke all previous records. Record export demands for the crop placed record service requirements on transportation and handling systems. Record movements of grain from farms to elevators and to inland and export terminals were reported. At the same time, complaints of inadequate capacity to store and transport the grain were perhaps also of all-time record proportions. Corn and milo accumulated in open piles on farms and at country collection points. Problems in accommodating peak flows of grain are not new, but the severity of the problems in the fall and early winter of 1979 may have been particularly great. Recognition of the problem and of the wide differences in perception of its causes and possible solution prompted the organization of a "Nebraska Grain Transportation Seminar," which was held in Lincoln on December 12, 1979. Invitations to attend the seminar were sent to persons with acknowledged interest and expertise in grain transport issues. Program participants were chosen for their expertise and divergent viewpoints.

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