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Haddad, B., Claflin, K., & Stewart, J. (2020). Let’s review: types of feedback given in an agricultural writing intensive course. North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Journal, Nov 2019-Oct 2020.


Our study sought to describe the types of feedback (affective, cognitive, and metacognitive) used by students of senior standing in a Writing Intensive Course within an undergraduate Agricultural Sciences degree. This study quantified a change in peer-review feedback over the course of an academic term. Students used each type of feedback throughout the duration of the course, but relied heavily on affective and cognitive feedback (63% and 80% of combined feedback between both categories in initial and final feedback, respectively). Further efforts are necessary to provide direction and rigorous evaluation in the writing intensive course. Continued research is necessary to examine instructional strategies in place and to provide a more thorough evaluation of the peer feedback structures in place. Efforts to understand the benefits of quality peer feedback as a critical component of the revision process should facilitate effective practice in writing courses within agriculture and agricultural education across the country.