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John E. Barbuto Jr., Marilyn J. Bugenhagen, Jill M. Stohs, and Gina S. Matkin (2001), “Encouraging Creativity and Intellectual Stimulation: An Exercise That Forces Students to Think Outside the Box.” Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management 4:3, pp. 220-231.


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This exercise involves a hands-on approach to generating innovation and creativity in the workplace. It is feasible as a follow-up, special-topic activity in intellectual stimulation in full-range or transformational leadership training. Participants are presented with the seemingly impossible task of integrating diverse products or services into a single business plan, forcing them to think outside the box. This exercise features lateral and innovative thinking in a highly interactive session, producing innovative and creative solutions from participants. After successfully completing this exercise, participants will be more confident in their ability to creatively solve many challenges that at first glance seem impossible. The paper provides theoretical background, objectives, complete instructions, processing information, and some suggestions for advancing the concepts.