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Charles Francis

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Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (2022) 46(10): 1,445-1,455

doi: 10.1080/21683565.2022.2121953


Copyright © 2022, Taylor and Francis. Used by permission


Our commentary explores three critical issues related to ecosystem services. First is how ecoservices are currently designed and implemented primarily for human benefit without concern for how these impact other species. We conclude that awareness of this imbalance is the first step toward meaningful change. Second we observe that human exceptionalism guides most decisions, and ask whether we can overcome this mind-set to embrace ecoregeneration and design of resilient and mutually beneficial agroecosystems. Our attitude toward the challenge and moving toward greater humility about human roles that guide management decisions in the ecosystem is a requisite for change. Third we conclude that a broad focus on One Health could be employed in designing more resilient and reciprocal agroecosystems and guiding our actions toward creating future systems that will meet the needs of humans and other species in the ecosystem. Changes in our awareness of beneficiaries that embrace a more inclusive outlook, in our attitudes toward other species, and in our responsible actions that will enhance an entire host of biological players in the agroecosystem will be essential for mutual survival.