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Comparison of Protein Constituents Relating to β-Glucosidase Activity in BB and bb inbred lines of Melilotus alba

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Published in Genetics (October 1970) 66: 339-347.


In biennial white-blossomed sweetclover (Melilotus alba Desr.), the B/b allelic pair controls β-glucosidase activity (Schaeffer, Haskins and Gorz 1960; Haskins and Gorz 1965). Homogenates of BB and Bb plants are high and intermediate, respectively, in β-glucosidase activity. No activity has been detected in homogenates of bb plants. The precise effect of the alleles B and b on the enzyme has not been investigated beyond the determination that lack of activity in bb homogenates is not due to soluble β-glucosidase inhibitors (Schaeffer, Haskins and Gorz 1960).

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