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Court Review: Journal of the American Judges Association (2023) 59(1): 1-40

Special issue: Artificial Intelligence

Editors: Professor Eve Brank, University of Nebraska; Judge David Dreyer, Indiana Superior Court; Judge David Prince, Colorado State District Court

Published by the American Judges Association

Cite as: 59 Ct. Rev. ___ (2023)


Used by permission



Being “Human” in the Age of Artificial Intelligence; Katherine B. Forrest

Ten Tips for Getting the Most Out of an Evaluation of Your ODR Program; Donna Shestowsky and Jennifer Shack

The Dilemma of Black Coding: Assessing Algorithmic Discrimination Legislation in the United States; Clarence Okoh

Securing the Integrity of Our Judicial System: Protecting Judges Beyond the Courthouse; Ron Zayas

Want to Know More About AI? Editors’ Selections: Judge ChatBot Answers All Your Questions; David J. Dreyer


Editor’s Note; David Dreyer

President’s Column: 2023--The Year of Excellence! Yvette Mansfield Alexander

Crossword: Anonymous Oft-Quoted Remark; Vic Fleming

Thoughts from Canada: Online Entrapment--A Comparison of the Approach Adopted in the United States, Canada, and Other Common-Law Countries; Wayne K. Gorman

The Resource Page: Non-Lawyers Emerging Roles in the U.S. Legal System; Assessing Equity in State Courts; Federal trade Commission Proposes to Prohibit Non-Compete Contract Clauses; Ban Peremptory Challenges?