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Patent No.: US 8,774,469 B2


Appl. No.: 13/143,897


A system and method for obtaining multispectral images of fresh meat at predetermined wavelength bands at a first time, subjecting the images to analysis in an image analysis system comprising a computer programmed to perform such analysis, and outputting a forecast of meat tenderness at a later point in time. Predetermined key wavelength bands are precorrelated with a high degree of prediction of meat tenderness and/or other properties of meat and are used in the multispectral system and method. A system and method for determining the key wavelengths is also disclosed. The multispectral imaging system and method is suitable for use in an industrial setting, such as a meat processing plant. The system and method is useful in a method for determining quality and yield grades at or near the time of imaging in lieu of visual inspection with the unaided human eye, increasing efficiency and objectivity.