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A.P. Snider, S.M. Romereim and R.M. McFee et al. /Data in Brief 37 (2021) 107217




Microarray analysis using Affymetrix Bovine GeneChip 1.0 ST Array to determine RNA expression analysis was performed on somatic granulosa cells from two different groups of cows classified based on androstenedione concentration within the follicular fluid (Control vs High A4) of estrogen-active dominant follicles. The normalized linear microarray data was deposited to the NCBI GEO repository (GSE97017 - RNA Expression Data from Bovine Ovarian Granulosa Cells from High or Low Androgen-Content Follicles). Subsequent ANOVA determined genes that were enriched (≥ 1.5 fold more) or decreased (≤ 1.5 fold less) in the High A4 granulosa cells compared to Control granulosa cells and analyzed filtered datasets of these differentially expressed genes are presented as tables. MicroRNAs that are differentially expressed in Control and High A4 granulosa cells are also reported in tables. The standard deviation of the analyzed array data in relation to the log of the expression values are shown as a figure. Ingenuity Pathway Analysis determined upstream regulators of differently expressed genes as presented in a table. These data have been further analyzed and interpreted in the companion article “A High-Androgen Microenvironment Inhibits Granulosa Cell Proliferation and Alters Cell Identity.”