Department of Animal Science


Date of this Version

February 2004


Published in Genetics and Molecular Research 3 (1): 1-17 (2004).


Age-of-dam adjustment factors are used to pre-adjust birth and weaning weight data for national beef cattle genetic evaluations. Adjustments are used in order to make the means of the different age-of-dam subclasses similar so that a fair comparison of animals can be performed. A review was made of various research studies that have estimated age-of-dam adjustment factors for birth weight and weaning weight of beef cattle. In general, birth weight age-of-dam adjustment factors are the same across the sexes, but weaning weight age-of-darn adjustment factors differ across the sexes, with heifer calves receiving smaller adjustments than their male counterparts. Additionally, adjustment factors vary greatly across breeds. Readjustment of records is difficult to do because a perfect estimate of adjustments is not possible.

A more appropriate method for adjusting for age-of-dam is to simultaneously adjust during national genetic evaluations.