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January 1985


Published in J Dairy Sci1985, 68:953-957. Copyright © 1985 The American Dairy Science Association. Used by permission.


Evidence of problems with sire proofs of extended incomplete records suggests the desirability of another method of evaluating dairy bulls for milk that minimizes the need for extending records by instead considering yields of three parts of a lactation (days 1 to 90, 91 to 180, and 181 to 270) as distinct and separate traits. Records of less than 90 days (or 180 or 270 days) require extension to 90-day (or 180- or 270-day) equivalents. Last sample day production of 17,826, 15,282, and 12,115 first-lactation records of Holstein cows was used to calculate extension factors to predict remaining yields to days 90, 180, and 270 for months of freshening and days in milk. Cumulative remaining yield was computed as the product of days remaining to day 90, 180, or 270, yield on last sample day, and the appropriate extension factor. There were no differences in factors due to age, but factors were different for months of freshening and number of days in milk.