Department of Animal Science


Date of this Version

January 1969


Published in Journal of Animal Science 29:330‑331. Copyright © 1969 American Society of Animal Science. Used by permission.


The birth weights and daily liveweights for 87 male and 99 female pigs reared under drylot conditions were obtained over a 3-week period and used to construct a growth curve for the very young male and female pig. Analysis of variance was used to test litter and sex main effects and the litter x sex interaction effect on liveweight. The daily standard deviations of the 186 pig sample were calculated and are presented in graphic form. No significant difference between the growth of male and female pigs of this young age were found. The average birth and first-, second- and third-week liveweights and standard deviations were 1.1±.12, 2.0±.27, 3.3±.48 and 5.0±.74 kg., respectively, for the pooled male and female observations. Analysis of variance of the data indicated significant differences in growth due to litter effects for all of the 21 days of the experiment, but there was generally no significant difference due to sex and no sex x litter interaction.