Animal Science Department


Date of this Version

January 2000


Published in The Genetics of the Horse, edited by A. T. Bowling & A. Ruvinsky (New York: CABI Publishing, 2000), pp. 473–497. Used by permission.


Table of Contents:

Breeding Goals
• General formulation of breeding objectives
• Racing horses
• Riding horses
• Other horse breeds
Genetic Evaluations
• Genetic Background and basic theory
• BLUP – the current standard method for obtaining EBV
• BLUP with the animal model – an effective tool for genetic evaluation of stallions and mares
• Applications of BLUP for genetic improvement of horses
• Use of non-additive genetic effects in horse breeding
Selection – Genetic Response
• Factors determining genetic progress
• Observed genetic progress in several horse populations
• Effects of selection on genetic variation and long-term progress
• Selection in small populations
• Selection using genetic markers