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January 1987


Published in J. Anim. Sci. 1987. 64:1044-1050. Copyright American Society of Animal Science. Used by permission.


A total of 214 gilts was used (two trials) to determine the effect of protein level and choline supplementation during gestation on weight gain, conception rate and subsequent reproductive performance. The gilts were fed either a 12 or 16% crude protein sorghum-soybean meal diet containing either a high supplemental choline level or no supplemental choline in a 2 • 2 factorial arrangement of treatments Conception rate was not influenced by either protein or choline level. Choline supplementation increased pig weight at 42 d of age (P<.14) and litter weight at 21 (P<.12) and 42 d (P<.1). Gilts fed the 16% protein diet produced larger pigs at 42 d (P<.13) and heavier litters at birth, (P<.l) 21 d (P<.14) and 42 d (P<.05) than gilts fed the 12% protein diet. A larger choline effect on litter size and pig and litter weight was observed for gilts fed the 12% protein diet than for those fed the 16% gestation diet, although the protein-choline interaction was not significant for any traits measured. The incidence of spraddle leg condition was low and was not affected by level of dietary protein or supplemental choline.