Department of Animal Science



Date of this Version

June 2005


Published by University of Nebraska Animal Science.


A general research laboratory with various pieces of equipment including a Warner Bratzler shear, a small Hobart chopper for research samples, and a Spectronic 500 spectrophotometer with flow-through cell used for making colorimetic determinations. Beyond the desk and chair is a refrigerated centrifuge and at the end of the room is the Barber Colman 5000 gas chromatograph.

A view of the cooking laboratory, which is adjacent to the general research laboratory. It is equipped with a large rotary-hearth oven under the hood at the back of the room. An electrical household range and a deep fat fryer are on the left against the far wall. In addition to these ovens, the laboratory is also equipped with a microwave oven, a quartz infrared oven, an electric charbroiler, and an electric griddle. Besides serving as a cooking facility for the research complex, this room also serves as a microbiology laboratory. An anaerobic incubator is in the far corner on the right.