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Published in Journal of Animal Science 2000. 78:199–206. Copyright © 2000 American Society of Animal Science. Used by permission.


Two growth studies were conducted to determine the Met and Lys requirements of growing cattle. In each 84-d trial, steer calves were fed individually diets containing 44% sorghum silage, 44% corn cobs, and 12% supplement (DM basis) at an equal percentage of BW. In Trial 1, 95 crossbred steers (251 kg) were supplemented with urea or meat and bone meal (MBM). Incremental amounts of rumen-protected Met were added to MBM to provide 0, .45, .9, 1.35, 3, and 6 g/d metabolizable Met. In Trial 2, 60 steers (210 kg) were supplemented with urea or corn gluten meal (CGM). Incremental amounts of rumen-protected Lys were added to CGM to provide 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10 g/d metabolizable Lys. Supplementation with MBM and CGMincreased the supply of metabolizable protein to the animal. Steers fed MBM plus 0 Met gained 49 g/d more than steers fed urea, whereas steers fed CGM plus 0 Lys gained 150 g/d more than steers fed urea. Supplementation of rumen-protected Met and Lys improved ADG in steers fed MBM and CGM, respectively (P < .10). Nonlinear analysis, comparing gain vs supplemental Met and Lys intake, predicted supplemental Met and Lys requirements of 2.9 and .9 g/d, respectively. This amount of additional Met promoted .13 kg/ d gain greater than MBM alone, and this amount of additional Lys promoted .10 kg/d gain greater than the CGM alone. Metabolizable Met and Lys requirements were predicted from Level 1 of NRC (1996) calculated metabolizable protein supply, amino acid analysis of abomasal contents, and the maximum response to supplemental AA. Steers gaining .39 kg/d required 11.6 g/ d Met or 3.1% of the metabolizable protein requirement, whereas steers gaining .56 kg/d required 22.5 g/d Lys or 5.7% of the metabolizable protein requirement.