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Published in the Journal of Animal Science 17 (1958), pp. 813-818. Copyright © 1958 American Society of Animal Science. Used by permission.


Considerable research has been conducted on the feeding value of grain sorghums for swine. Baker and Reinmiller (1939) observed that for the production of gains, grain sorghums were equal to or better than corn but considerable more feed was required to produce a pound of gain with the sorghums. Loeffel (1957) summarized several Nebraska swine experiments and observed that grain sorghum and corn produced approximately the same average daily gain, but, in general, 10 to 20~o more feed was required per pound of gain with the grain sorghum. Similar results have been reported by Aubel (1950, 1954, 1955, 1956) and Hillier et al. (1954).