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Published in the Journal of Animal Science 21 (1962), pp. 787-790. Copyright © 1962 American Society of Animal Science. Used by permission.


Many investigations have shown that soybean meal when properly supplemented can replace meat and bone scraps as a major source of protein in swine rations (Lepley et al., 1950; Terrill et al., 1954; Rohlf, 1954; Meade and Hanson, 1957; Meade et al., 1958; Becker et al., 1960). The importance of this finding is emphasized by the work of Bloss et al. (1953), Terrill et al. (1954), Meade and Teter (1957) and Becker and Jensen (1961) who reported a significant depression in growth rate and feed efficiency of swine fed rations containing relatively high levels of meat and bone scraps.