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Published in the Journal of Animal Science 26 (1967), pp. 76-84. Copyright © 1967 American Society of Animal Science. Used by permission.


Niacin has been recognized for several years as a dietary essential for swine. Its presence in feedstuffs is well known, but the biological availability of niacin in certain cereal grains commonly fed to swine has not been clearly established. Research has been reported indicating the niacin of white corn and wheat is largely unavailable to the pig (Kodieek et al., 1956; Kodicek et al., 1959 and Luce et al., 1966). Several workers have also obtained evidence that the niacin of corn is in a bound form and largely unavailable to the rat. (Laguna and Carpenter, 1951; Pearson et al., 1957; Harper et al., 1958; Kodicek and Wilson, 1959; Squibb et al., 1959 and Kodieek, 1960).