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Published in the Journal of Animal Science 52 (1981), pp. 1343-1349. Copyright © 1981 American Society of Animal Science. Used by permission.


Twenty-four bred gilts were used in a Ca-P metabolism trial. Twelve gilts were fed gestation treatment A (13 g Ca, 10 g/day), while the other 12 were fed gestation treatment B (19.5 g Ca, 15 g P/day). One-half of the gilts in each treatment group were fed .65% Ca, .50% P from 7 to 94 kg, and half were fed .975% Ca, .75% P for the same period. Treatment B gilts excreted more (P<.005) fecal and urinary P. Twenty-four first litter sows fed the same treatment diets during growth and gestation and given .75% Ca, .50% P during lactation were used in a Ca and P balance trial conducted from day 38 to 42 of lactation.