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Published in JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE 63 (1986), pp. 131-138. Copyright © 1986 American Society of Animal Science. Used by permission.


Two metabolism studies were conducted with 24 (Exp. 1) and 36 (Exp. 2) crossbred barrows (initial weight 35 kg) to determine the effect of corn type - normal corn (NC) and high-lysine corn (HLC) - and storage method - dry (D), high-moisture (HM) and reconstituted (RC) - on energy and N digestibility. Diets fed in Exp. 1 were: 1, NC-soybean meal formulated at .78% lysine (dry matter basis); 2, HLC-soybean meal containing the same amount of corn as diet 1 (.87% lysine); 3, HLC-soybean meal with the same lysine level as diet 1. In Exp. 1, dry matter, energy and N digestibilities were not different between corn types or lysine levels (P>.16).