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Nebraska Cooperative Extension EC 95-273-C ESS 38 Cooperative Extension Service / South Dakota State University and University of Nebraska / U.S. Department of Agriculture
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This publication is a revision of the previous swine nutrition publication prepared by the University of Nebraska and South Dakota State University. The focus of the publication continues to be on nutrient recommendations for swine. Specific factors (nutritional, environmental and managerial) that affect nutrient recommendations (Figure 1) have been considered and discussed. We believe that the identification and description of the factors in Figure 1 provide the framework for the nutrient recommendations presented in Tables 11 to 16. Industry advisors representing various facets of the pork industry were recruited to review and challenge the concepts incorporated in this publication. Also, in situations where “gray areas” existed, these industry representatives made specific proposals or recommendations. Therefore, our ultimate goal was to use the knowledge of respected swine nutritionists who represent a cross section of the feed industry to improve the application of this publication. In preparing this publication, a priority has been to discuss some of the controversial and experimental swine nutrition issues currently being explored. The discussion of these issues has been focused to emphasize results presented in the scientific literature. Introduction • Nutrient Sources • Energy • Protein and amino acids • Minerals • Vitamins • Bioavailability • Nutrient Interactions • Ingredient Quality • Feed Additives • Feed Processing • Water • Feed Intake • Health • Nutrient Recommendations • Practical Applications and Outcomes • Breeding Herd Management • Growing Pig Management • Example Diets • Tools for Quantifying Performance • Methods of Supplying Nutrients • Conversion Factors, Abbreviations and Symbols • Index • Additional Information Sources