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April 2003


Published in Animal Genetics 34:2 (April 2003), pp. 132-134. Copyright © 2003 ,2003 International Society for Animal Genetics; published by Blackwell Publishing. Used by permission. < A HREF="">


We report the physical mapping of porcine expressed sequence tags (ESTs) from anterior pituitary clones isolated by differential display PCR in a study using lines selected for reproduction. These ESTs were mapped using a somatic cell hybrid panel (SCHP) and a radiation hybrid panel (IMpRH) as follows (SCHP position, nearest marker on the RH map): SPARCL1 (8q23–q27, SSP1); ATF4 (5p11–p15, AC02); MEF2C [2(1/2q21)– (1/2q22), SW2134]; FTH1 (2p14–p17, SWR783); FRAP1 (6q22–q23, SW1355); PBP (14, SW2508); LOC92004 [13q23-(1/2q41), CP]; and PGRMC1 [Xq22, SW1943]. All RH assignments were at LOD score >6.0 except for PGRMC1 at LOD score 5.4. ESTs TCP1 [12p11-(2/3p13)], SF3B1 (15q23–q26) and Clock (8q11–q12) were assigned using only the SCHP. The map position of SPARCL1 coincides with a quantitative trait loci (QTL) for age at puberty found in the University of Nebraska selection lines. Physical mapping of ESTs reported in the present study contributes to characterization of the transcriptome of anterior pituitary of pigs, adds new information to the public database of the porcine genome expression map, and further develops the porcine–human comparative map.