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Written for presentation at the 2002 ASAE Annual International Meeting/ CIGR XVth World Congress Sponsored by ASAE Hyatt Regency Chicago Chicago, Illinois, USA July 28-July 31, 2002


Errors associated with visual inspection and interpretation of radargrams often inhibits the intensive surveying of widespread areas using ground-penetrating radar (GPR). To automate the interpretive process, this paper presents an application of a fuzzy-neural network (F-NN) classifier for unsupervised clustering and classification of soil profile using GPR imagery. The classifier clusters and classifies soil profiles strips along a traverse based on common pattern similarities that can relate to physical features of the soil (e.g., number of horizons; depth, texture and structure of the horizons; and relative arrangement of the horizons, etc). This paper illustrates this classification procedure by its application on GPR data, both simulated and actual real-world. Results show that the procedure is able to classify the profile into zones that corresponded with those obtained by visual inspection and interpretation of radargrams. Results indicate that an F-NN model can supply real-time soil profile clustering and classification during field surveys.