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J. Anim. Sci. 2002. 80:1379–1380.


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Locus. Pig Tropomyosin beta (TPM2) gene.

Genus and Species. Sus Scrofa.

Source and Description of Primers. Primers were derived by using well-conserved regions of published human and mouse sequence (GenBank accession nos. AF209746 and NM_009416). The primers were used to amplify a 1.4-kp fragment of the porcine TPM2 gene covering exons 3 through 8. The porcine cDNA sequence (GenBank accession no. AF420022) showed 95% exonic identity (325 bp) at the nucleotide level to the human skeletal muscle beta tropomyosin (GenBank accession no. X06825). Additionally, pig specific primers were designed to amplify a 246-bp piece that spans exons 3 to 4 (GenBank accession # AF420023) to be used for linkage and physical mapping.