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J. Anim. Sci. 2000. 78:3193–3194.


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Locus Name. Vitamin D-25-hydroxylase.

Species. Sus scrofa.

Locus Symbol. CYP25.

Source of Primers. PCR primers were designed from the published sequence for porcine vitamin D-25-hydroxylase (CYP25) cDNA (GenBank accession no. Y16417). The position of the forward and reverse primers corresponds to 506 to 530 bp and 830 to 854 bp, respectively, of the cDNA. The primer pair amplified a 348-bp fragment of the cDNA and an 862-bp fragment from the pig genomic DNA. The 862-bp fragment (Gen- Bank accession no. AF284378) was subcloned into a pNoTA vector and identity was confirmed by sequencing. Genomic sequences from 1 to 74, 169 to 329, and 749 to 862 showed 100% homology to the cDNA.