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Austral J Vet Sci 50, 9-14 (2018).


Heat stress has been recognized as a serious problem in dairy farms. The study goal was to assess the effects of climatic conditions on physiological and behavioral responses of dairy cows in Central Chile. Data of tympanic temperature (TT), panting score, respiration rate (RR), and shade utilization of cows from two genotypes, Holstein (H) and Holstein x Montbeliarde (HM), were collected twice per day (AM/PM) during three periods of the summer season in Central Chile. Moreover, three thermal comfort indices: Comprehensive climate index (CCI), temperature humidity-index (THI), and adjusted THI were estimated using meteorological data. The hour of each day was classified as “Normal” or “Stressful” based on CCI threshold of 25 °C. Statistical analysis included ANOVA, repeated measures analysis and Chi square test (α=0.05). There was an interaction of genotype x CCI condition x period (P=0.0026) with the highest TT of both genotypes under a stressful condition within each period. In addition, interactions of genotype x hour (P