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January 2008


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Effect of Pre-breeding Weight and MGA Supplementation on Heifer Performance
Effect of Wintering System and Nutrition Around Breeding on Gain and Reproduction in Heifers
Pre- and Peri-pubertal Feeding of Melengesterol Acetate (MGA) Alters Testis Characteristics in Bulls
Effects of Summer Climatic Conditions on Body Temperature in Beef Cows
Supplementing Beef Cows Grazing Cornstalk Residue with a Distillers Based Cube
Comparison of Crude Protein and Digestibility of Diets of Grazing Cattle at Different Sandhills Range Sites
Determination of Diet Protein and Digestibility of Native Sandhills Upland Range
Evaluation of Storage Methods for Wet Distillers Grains Plus Solubles with Added Forages

Use of Dried Distillers Grains to Extend Range Capacity
Dried Distillers Grains Supplementation to Yearling Cattle Grazing Smooth Bromegrass: Response and Performance Profile Summary
The Effects of Supplementing Wet Distillers Grains Mixed with Wheat Straw to Growing Steers
Forage Quality and Grazing Performance of Beef Cattle Grazing Brown Mid-rib Grain Sorghum Residue

Beef Feedlot
Meta-Analysis of UNL Feedlot Trials Replacing Corn with WCGF
Meta-Analysis of UNL Feedlot Trials Replacing Corn with WDGS
Effect of Inclusion Level of Modified Distillers Grains Plus Solubles in Finishing Steers
Effect of Corn Processing and Wet Distillers Grains on Nutrient Metabolism
Effect of Distillers Grains Fat Level on Digestibility
Cattle CODE: An Economic Model for Determining Byproduct Returns for Feedlot Cattle
Economics of Modified Wet Distillers Grains Plus Solubles Use in Feedlots
Influence of Corn Hybrid, Kernel Traits, and Growing Location on Digestibility
Influence of Corn Hybrid and Processing Method on Finishing Performance and Carcass Characteristics
Influence of Corn Hybrid and Processing Method on Ruminal and Intestinal Digestion
Nutrient Mass Balance and Performance of Feedlot Cattle Fed Wet Distillers Grains
Aerobic Composting or Anaerobic Stockpiling of Feedlot Manure
Effects of Distillers Grains and Manure Management on Nutrient Management Plans and Economics
Total and Water Soluble Phosphorus Content of Feedlot Cattle Feces and Manure
Climate Conditions in Bedded Confinement Buildings
Modeling Daily Water Intake in Cattle Finished in Feedlots
Sorting Steers by Weight into Calf-Fed, Summer Yearlings and Fall Yearling Feed Systems
Performance and Economics of Two Calf Wintering Systems
Evaluation of Calf-fed and Long Yearling Production with Increasing Corn Price
The Effect of Delaying Initial Feedlot Implant on Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Calf-fed Steers
Effect of Backgrounding Gain, Grazing Length and Dry Distillers Grain Consumption on Performance
and Carcass Traits of June Born Cattle
Price Discovery in North and West Central Nebraska Livestock Auction Markets
The Cattle Price Cycle: Revisited Again
Effect of Excede® Administered to Calves at Arrival in the Feedlot on Performance and Respiratory Disease
Vaccination for Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Feedlot Cattle

Beef Products
Mapping Tenderness of the Serratus Ventralis
Factors That Influence Consumers’ Overall Sensory Acceptance of Strip Steaks
Analysis of Veal Shoulder Muscles for Chemical Attributes
Effects of Aging on Veal Shoulder Muscles
Tenderness, Sensory, and Color Attributes of Two Muscles from the Beef Knuckle
Characteristics of Beef Finished on Wet Distillers Grains with Varying Types and Levels of Roughage
Influence of Feeding Wet Distillers Grains on Fatty Acid Composition of Beef
Wet Distillers Grains Plus Solubles Affect Lipid Oxidation and Objective Color of Beef Steaks
Effects of Wet Distillers Grains Finishing Diets on Fat Content and Marbling Score in Steers

Analytical Methods: New Technology
Sampling Wet Distillers Grains Plus Solubles to Determine Nutrient Variability
Evaluation of Methods for Dry Matter Determination of Ethanol Byproducts
Ruminal Methane Production Following the Replacement of Dietary Corn with Dried Distillers Grains
Relationship Between Metabolizable Protein Balance and Feed Efficiency of Steers and Heifers
Microbial Characteristics, Microbial Nitrogen Flow, and Urinary Purine Derivative Excretion in Steers Fed at Two Levels of Feed Intake
Predicting Aged Beef Tenderness with a Hyperspectral Imaging System

Statistics Used in the Nebraska Beef Report and Their Purpose