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2017 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report. University of Nebraska Extension MP104. Lincoln, NE.


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Th e objective of this study was to compare a modified estrus detection and fixed time AI vs. no estrus detection and fixed time AI on subsequent pregnancy rates. Yearling heifers were estrus synchronized and AI at 72 ± 2 h after prostaglandin injection. In one group estrus was not detected and all heifers received gonadotropin releasing hormone at the fixed- time AI; in the other group estrus was detected at 58 ± 2 and 70 ± 2 h after prostaglandin and inseminated in the following order at 72 ± 2 h: heifers in estrus at 58 h, heifers in estrus at 70 h, and heifers not appearing in estrus at either observation. Similar AI conception and final pregnancy rates were achieved without the added labor of estrus detection.