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2019 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report


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SoyPass was supplemented in two grass hay diets containing 20% or 35% wet distillers grains with solubles (WDGS) to analyze the effects on growing cattle performance. The SoyPass supplement replaced 0, 30, or 60% of dietary WDGS for a total of 6 treatments with a factorial design. Substituting SoyPass into the diet did not affect average daily gain (ADG) of calves; however, calves consuming the 35% WDGS diet gained 31% more than the 20% WDGS treatment calves. Dry matter intake (DMI) and feed to gain (F:G) increased linearly in the 35% WDGS diet with the inclusion of SoyPass. In the 20% WDGS diet, DMI and F:G were maximized when SoyPass replaced 30% of the WDGS and lowest when SoyPass replaced 60% of WDGS. Therefore, SoyPass can replace up to 60% of the WDGS in forage based diets containing 20% WDGS with no adverse effects on performance by appearing to supply needed lysine.