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2019 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report


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May-calving dams in late gestation grazed either sub-irrigated meadow with or without supplement or upland range with or without supplement. Supplementation was 1 lb/d of a 33% CP (DM) supplement. Heifer progeny from these dams were followed through their first and second breeding seasons. Both dam grazing and supplement treatment affected heifer progeny BW and BCS. Heifers born to dams who grazed meadow in late gestation attained a greater percentage of mature BW at the start of their first breeding season and increased pregnancy rates as primiparous cows. Grazing of meadow by May-calving dams in late gestation may increase stayability of heifer progeny. Although supplementing the dam during late gestation tended to increase heifer progeny BW at first breeding, the increased risk of dystocia at heifer’s first parturition may negate the benefit.