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2019 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report


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May-calving dams grazed either sub-irrigated meadow or upland range from Jan. 5 to May 1 each year for 6 years. Within grazing system, dams received either no supplement or 1 lb/d of a 33% CP supplement from Jan. 5 to April 1. Dams grazing meadow in the prepartum period weighed more and had a greater body condition score prior to calving. They also tended to have greater pregnancy rates in the subsequent breeding season and tended to wean heavier calves than dams grazing upland range. Allowing May-calving dams to graze meadow in late gestation may increase herd profitability through increased dam pregnancy rates and weaned calf value. Furthermore, supplemented dams weaned heavier calves, independent of grazing system. Supplementation of May-calving dams in late gestation may be economical if the income from additional pounds of calf weaned is greater than the supplementation cost.