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The Effect of Cow Udder Score on Subsequent Calf Performance in the Nebraska Sandhills

Joslyn K. Beard, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Jacki A. Musgrave, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Rick N. Funston Funston, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
J. Travis Mulliniks, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

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Cow records were evaluated over a 5-yr period to investigate how cow udder score affected calf growth and carcass performance. Cows from 2 calving herds, March and May, were classified as bad or good based on udder scores recorded at calving. Calves suckling dams with bad udders performed similarly during the pre-weaning period to good udder counterparts, with no differences in overall steer feedlot performance between udder groups. However, steers suckling good udder cows had heavier carcass weights and greater back fat thickness.