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2020 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report


A growing trial was conducted to evaluate Syngenta Enogen Feed Corn containing an alpha amylase enzyme trait compared with commercially available corn without the amylase enzyme trait on growing cattle performance characteristics. Corn was harvested as either corn silage or dry corn, and corn silage was further harvested with kernel processing or not. Th e treatment design was a 2×2+2 factorial with 2 hybrids of silage, kernel processed or not, and then a 40% dryrolled corn and hay growing diet as Syngenta Enogen Feed Corn or control corn. No interactions were observed between silage hybrids and kernel processing. Cattle fed kernel processed silage had a 6.5% improvement in feed conversion compared to not kernel processed silage. No statistical diff rences were observed when feeding Syngenta Enogen Feed Corn as dry- rolled corn compared to control dry- rolled corn. Th ere was no benefit of the Syngenta Enogen Feed Corn when fed as corn silage or dry- rolled corn when used in growing rations.