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2020 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report


Three production years for March and May calving, Red Angus- based cows and their off spring from the Gudmundsen Sandhills Laboratory (GSL), Whitman, NE, were evaluated. Steer progeny were evaluated through harvest and carcass data collected. Calf birth body weight (BW) and breeding BW were greater for May calves vs. March; however, adjusted weaning BW was greater for March calves. Pregnancy rates, weaning rates, calving interval, calving difficulty, and calf vigor were similar between calving systems. Udder score was greater for March cows. Compared with March calf- fed steers, May calf- fed steers had greater hot carcass weight (HCW), longissimus muscle area (LMA), marbling, and backfat. May yearlings had greater HCW, LMA, marbling, and backfat compared with March calf- feds. In the Sandhills, a May calving system can increase production while reducing total herd inputs when compared to a March calving system.