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2020 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report


A 2 × 3 factorial finishing study evaluated feeding 0 or 30% high protein distillers grains or conventionally produced distillers in either steam- flaked or dry- rolled corn based diets. Feeding conventional distillers grains in dry rolled corn based diets resulted in improved feed conversion, with no difference between high protein distillers grains as compared to conventional DDGS when included in dryrolled corn diets. In steam flaked corn- based diets, feeding high protein distillers and conventional distillers tended to increase feed conversion. Feeding conventional distillers or high protein distillers grains resulted in greater DMI and ADG as compared to diets with no distillers inclusion in both dry- rolled and steam- flaked diets. Cattle consuming SFC had lower DMI than DRC, which lead to improved feed conversions as expected. Th e response to feeding DDGS is different whether replacing dry- rolled corn or steamflaked corn, but high protein distillers was fairly similar to conventional DDGS.