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2020 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report


A finishing study was conducted to evaluate the effect of feeding dried distillers grains plus solubles (DDGS) from the MSC- fi ber stream of the FluidQuip post- fermentation fiber separation process compared to conventional DDGS at two inclusion levels (20% and 40% of diet dry matter). Inclusion of DDGS from MSC or conventional processing methods resulted in increased dry matter intake and daily gain. Despite increased gain, feed conversion tended to be worse for MSC DDGS. Daily gain tended to respond quadratically with increasing inclusion of conventional DDGS with gain increasing from 0 to 20% inclusion, but decreasing from 20 to 40%. Inclusion of conventional DDGS resulted in a quadratic response for feed conversion with improved conversion from 0 to 20% inclusion and poorer conversion from 20 to 40%. Feeding MSC DGS resulted in increased gain but worse feed conversion compared to conventional DDGS when included at both 20% and 40% inclusion.