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2020 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report


A finishing study evaluated the effect of corn hybrid and processing type on finishing performance of yearling steers. Treatment design was a 2×3+1 factorial, with two hybrids that included a conventional commercial corn (CON) and Syngenta’s Enogen Feed Corn (EFC). Corn was processed and fed as dry- rolled corn (DRC), high- moisture corn (HMC), or a 50:50 blend of the two for each hybrid. An additional treatment included 50% EFC DRC and 50% CON HMC, to evaluate a blend of the two hybrids and processing types. An interaction between hybrid and processing method was observed for ADG and F:G. Cattle fed EFC had numerically improved F:G and similar ADG when fed EFC compared to CON as DRC or a 50:50 ratio of DRC:HMC. For cattle fed HMC, ADG and F:G were better for CON compared to EFC, leading to the interaction. Cattle fed a blend of EFC as DRC with CON as HMC performed similar to those fed a blend of the CON hybrid. Feeding Enogen Feed Corn may improve performance when processed as DRC but results were not statistically diff rent than feeding the CON hybrid despite a 3% improvement in efficiency.