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2020 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report


A commercial feedlot trial tested three implant strategies (Revalor- 200 on day 0, Revalor- IH on d 0 and re- implanted with Revalor- 200 on d 56, or Revalor- XH on d 0) on growth performance and carcass characteristics of heifers fed for 138 d. Th ere were no differences observed for final body weight, dry matter intake, or average daily gain on a live basis among implant strategies. Heifers implanted with Revalor- IH/200 combination had greater carcass- adjusted final body weight and improved feed conversion compared to Revalor- 200 and Revalor- XH. Hot carcass weights, dressing percent, and LM area were improved for Revalor- IH/200 implanted heifers relative to Revalor- 200 and Revalor- XH implanted heifers. Marbling score and 12th- rib fat thickness were not different among implant treatments. Heifers implanted with Revalor- IH/200 had a shift to a lower USDA yield grade distribution compared to 200 and XH implanted heifers. Th e greater concentration of trenbolone acetate and estradiol provided by Revalor- IH/200 combination slightly improved growth and carcass performance compared to the non- coated Revalor- 200 implant and partially coated Revalor- XH implant.