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1993 Beef Cattle Report, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, MP 59-A


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Cow-Calf • Forage Systems Using Sandhills Subirrigated Meadows and Range: Beef Production Traits • Forage Systems Using Sandhills Subirrigated Meadows and Range: Economic Analysis • High Quality Meadow Hay as a Winter Supplement for Gestating Beef Cows in the Sandhills of Nebraska • Heifers Sired by Bulls with Either High or Low EPD's for Marbling Do Not Differ in Age at Puberty • Synovex C Affects Growth, Reproduction, and Calving in Heifers • Synthetic Progestins Influence Secretion of Luteinizing and Timing of Ovulation • Level of Progesterone Influences Pregnancy Rate in Beef Cows and Heifers • Combination of Factors (Ratios) and Calving Difficulty • Selected Characteristics and Management Practices of Sandhills Ranches

Growing • Forage Systems and Opportunities for Increasing Cattle Growth • Switchgrass Escape Protein as Influenced by Plant Anatomy • Blood Meal, Meat and Bone Meal and Feather Meal Combinations for Growing Calves • Soyhulls:Lecithin:Soapstock Mixture for Growing Beef Calves • Nitrate Concentration in Hail-Damaged Com Plants • Hormonal Response of Lambs to Plane of Nutrition

Finishing • Growth Promotants for Heifers • Wet Distillers Byproducts for Finishing Cattle • Wet Com Gluten Feed in Beef Diets • Levels of Sugarbeet Pulp for Growing and Finishing Cattle • Evaluation of Hominy Feed for Finishing Cattle • Feeding Value of Crambe Meal • High Lysine Com and Protein Source on Receiving and Finishing Health and Performance of Calves • Roughage Levels and Changes for Feedlot Cattle • Fat Addition on Subacute Ruminal Acidosis • Lactobacillus Acidophilus (MCI811) and Subacute Ruminal Acidosis • Grain Tempering Agent (SarTemp®) for Com in Finishing Rations • Protein Source and Grain Type on Ruminal Metabolism • Glucose Absorption in the Small Intestine in Steers

Meats • Electromagnetic Scanning to Predict Beef Carcass and Primal Cut Composition • A Fluorescent Micro-Assay for Muscle Calpain Enzymes • Microstructure of Frankfurters with Modified Beef Connective Tissue • Beef Broth in Low-Fat Ground Beef