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2021 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report, University of Nebraska Extension Publication MP110.


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Cow-Calf Nutrition and Management: Metabolic Profile Associated with Pre-Breeding Puberty Status in Range Beef Heifers 5 • Milk Production Impacts on Cow Reproductive and Calf Growth Performance 8 • Genetic Selection Tools: Using Pooling to Capture Commercial Data for Inclusion in Genetic Evaluations 11 • Categorization of Birth Weight Phenotypes for Inclusion in Genetic Evaluations Using a Deep Neural Network 14 • Genetic Parameter Estimates for Age at Slaughter and Days to Finish in a Multibreed Population 16

Growing Calf and Yearling Management: Effects of Monensin and Protein Type on Performance of Yearling Steers Grazing Smooth Bromegrass Pastures 18 • Impact of Masters Choice Corn Silage on Nutrient Digestion in Growing Cattle 21 • Winter Growth Rate and Timing of Marketing on Economics of Yearling Systems 24 • Alternative Heifer Development Systems Utilizing Corn Residue and Cover Crops 28 • Impacts of Biochar Supplementation in Growing Diets on Greenhouse Gas Emissions 31 • Growing Calf Intake of Hay or Crop Residue Based Diets 33 • Evaluation of Models Used to Predict Dry Matter Intake in Forage- Based Diets 36

Forage Resource Management: Mineral Concentrations of Forages for Livestock in Nebraska and South Dakota 38

Animal Behavior: Training Improves the Reliability of Temperament Assessment in Cattle 41

Finishing Nutrition and Management: Evaluating Finishing Performance of Cattle Fed High- Moisture Corn and Steam-Flaked Corn Blends with Modified Distillers Grains 44 • Evaluation of Processing Technique for High- Moisture and Dry Corn Fed to Finishing Cattle 46 • Impact of Feeding Aspergillus Subspecies Blend and Different Corn Processing Methods on Finishing Beef Cattle Performance and Carcass Characteristics 50 • Evaluation of Wheat Blended with Corn in Finishing Diets Containing Wet Distillers Grains 53 • Evaluation of Condensed Algal Residue Solubles as an Ingredient in Cattle Finishing Diets 56 • Effects of Butyrate in Finishing Cattle Diets 59 • Impact of Days Fed on Holstein Bull and Steer Performance and Cutability of Cattle Pen- Fed Organic Diets 62 • Effect of Increasing Corn Silage Inclusion in Finishing Diets with or without Tylosin on Performance and Liver Abscesses 66 • Economic Analysis of Increased Corn Silage Inclusion in Beef Finishing Cattle 69

Beef Products: Fate of Generic Escherichia coli in Beef Steaks during Sous Vide Cooking at Different Holding Time and Temperature Combinations 72 • Proteomic Analysis of Oxidized Proteins in Beef 74 • The Relationship of Liver Abscess Scores and Early Postmortem Meat Tenderness 81 • The Impact of Oxidative Stress on Postmortem Meat Quality 83 • Accelerated Dry Aging under Anaerobic Conditions 88 • Pseudomonas Survive Thermal Processing and Grow during Vacuum Packaged Storage in an Emulsified Beef System 91

Nutrient Management: Evaluation of Biochar on Nutrient Loss from Fresh Cattle Manure 93 • Using Coal Char from Sugar Production in Cattle Manure Management 95 • Transforming Manure and Cedar Mulch from “Waste” to “Worth” 99 • Predicting Nitrogen and Phosphorus Flows in Beef Open Lots 105 • Perceptions of Barriers and Benefits of Manure Use in Cropping Systems 109 • Dietary Impact on Antibiotic Resistance in Feedlot Manure 112 • Antibiotic Resistance in Manure-Amended Agricultural Soils 114

Explanation of Statistics: Statistics Used in the Nebraska Beef Report and Their Purpose 116