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Published in 2021 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report, University of Nebraska Extension Publication MP110


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Animal agriculture is tasked with recycling the nitrogen and phosphorus in manures in an environmentally sound manner, typically as a soil fertility amendment, which often requires voluntary transfer of manures to crop farms on which there may be little or no history of manure use. # e ability of manure to compete with commercially available fertilizers is essential for this transfer. A survey was conducted of farmers’ and their advisors’ perceptions of the benefits and barriers to manure use in crops. There exists a strong recognition of manure’s agronomic, yield, and soil health benefits. However, many challenges associated with manure frequently become barriers to manure use. # e survey identified four challenges most likely to prevent manure recycling, including: 1) transportation costs, 2) odor, 3) logistical barriers (e.g. labor availability), and 4) some agronomic questions that will need to be addressed to encourage an expanded role of manure in more cropland.