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Nebraska Extension, MP 115.

Published by the Agricultural Research Division, University of Nebraska Extension, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

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Authors: Kelton C. Adair, Shannon Bartelt-Hunt, Alison C. Bartenslager, Joslyn K. Beard, Rebecca S. Brattain, McKenna M. Brinton, Kylie M. Butterfield, Chris R. Calkins, Zachary E. Carlson, Kallie J. Calus, Byron D. Chaves, Caitlin A. Coulson, Elliott J. Dennis, Duarte E. Diaz, Mary E. Drewnoski, Galen E. Erickson, Samodha C. Fernando, Harvey C. Freetly, Rick N. Funston, Samuel R. Garcia, John C. Gibbons, Rachel L. Gibbs, Morgan T. Grabau, Pablo C. Grijalva, Kristin E. Hales, Kathryn J. Hanford, Benjamin H. Hansen, Kathlyn Hauxwell, Nicolas J. Herrera, Fred H. Hilscher, Heather B. Hunt, Devin A. Jakub, Terry J. Klopfenstein, Xu Li, Haley F. Linder, James C. MacDonald, Levi J. McPhillips, Nolan R. Meier, T. L. Meyer, Micah S. Most, J. Travis Mulliniks, Jacki A. Musgrave, Noelle A. Mware, Heather Nobert, Mitchell M. Norman, Jay Parsons, Jessica L. Petersen, Hannah E. Riley, Amy Schmidt, Ty B. Schmidt, Joshua E. Sebade, Steven D. Shackelford, Rebecca Sjostrand, Joseph A. Sonderman, Jessica L. Sperber, Rick Stock, R. R. Stowell, Gary A. Sullivan, Chanon Suntara, A. Suyker, Rebecca M. Swanson, Braden C. Troyer, Kristen M. Ulmer, David M. Velazco, Samantha K. Wagner, Andrea K. Watson, Samuel C. Watson, Hannah. C. Wilson, Jonathan W. Wilson, Aksel R. Wiseman, Nicole M. Woita, Jiehua Xiong, Dustin T. Yates, Maggie Youngers, Robert L. Ziegler


Copyright 2021, Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska. Used by permission.


The purpose of beef cattle and beef product research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is to provide reference information that represents the various populations (cows, calves, heifers, feeders, carcasses, retail products, etc.) of beef production.

Dedicated in memory of Dr. Terry Klopfenstein (March 10, 1939-April 30, 2021), Professor Emeritus, Animal Science Department, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Cow-Calf Nutrition and Management

Impact of Cow Size on Economic Profitability in the Cow-Calf and Feedlot Production Systems

Comparison of Partially Confined and Traditional Cow-Calf Systems

Concepts in Stress Physiology

Inflammatory Modulators Improve Daily Gain of Heat-Stressed Wethers

Zilpaterol Supplementation Improved Indicators of Well-Being, but not Growth in Heat-Stressed Red Angus Steers

Growth Performance in Livestock with Stress-Induced Low Birthweight is Recovered by Clenbuterol Administration

Growing Calf and Yearling Management

Impact of Urea on Corn Silage Growing Cattle Diets

Interaction of Urea with Frequency and Amount of Distillers Grains Supplementation for Growing Steers

Interaction of Urea with Frequency and Amount of Distillers Grains Supplementation on Growing Steer Rumen Digestion Parameters

Effect of Rapeseed Inclusion in Late-Summer Planted Oat Pasture on Growing Performance of Beef Steers

Economics of Grazing Calves on Oats Planted After Corn Silage in Eastern Nebraska

Evaluation of Models to Predict Dry Matter Intake of Forage Based Diets

Finishing Nutrition and Management

Interaction of Sweet Bran Inclusion and Corn Processing Method in Beef Finishing Diets

Interaction of Sweet Bran Inclusion and Corn Processing Method in Beef Finishing Diets on Digestibility

Characterizing Digestion Traits of Novel Corn Bran Products

Effect of Finishing Cattle with Blends of High Moisture and Steam-Flaked Corn with and without Distillers Grains

Evaluating Performance of Cattle Fed Steam-Flaked Corn Based Finishing Diets fed Increasing Inclusions of Wet or Modified Distillers Grains

Impact of Steam-Flaked Rye Fed in Combination with Steam-Flaked Corn on Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Yearling Steers

Evaluation of Processing Technique for High-Moisture and Dry Corn on Nutrient Digestion when fed to Finishing Cattle

Evaluation of Green Grass on Nutrient Digestibility and Fatty Acid Flow in Cattle Finishing Diets

Effect of Feeding CARS on Digestibility and Fatty Acid Flow in Finishing Cattle Diets

Impact of a Natural Feed Additive using Direct Fed Microbes on Finishing Beef Cattle Performance and Liver Abscess Rate

Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Impact of Biochar Supplementation in Finishing Diets on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Evaluation of Methane an Production in Growing and Finishing Cattle Raised in Conventional or Partial Confinement-based Herds

Soil Health and Nutrient Management

Impact of Spring Corn Residue Grazing on Soil Physical Properties and Crop Yield

Effect of Biochar as a Feedlot Pen Surface Amendment on Manure Nutrient Capture

Effects of Lime Amendment on Antibiotic Resistance in Beef Cattle Manure of Open Feedlots

Beef Products

Quality Parameters of Wet and Dry Aged Beef Loins from Cattle Fed High Doses of Vitamin E

Beef Quality and Oxidative Stability from Cattle Fed High Levels of Vitamin E

Beef Quality following Prolonged Aging after Supplementing High Levels of Vitamin E

Fate of Salmonella in Beef Steaks during Sous Vide Cooking

Explanation of Statistics

Statistics Used in the Nebraska Beef Cattle Report and Their Purpose

Animal Science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln