Department of Animal Science


Date of this Version

January 2006


Published in 2006 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report. Copyright © 2005 The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska.


An economic model was developed to evaluate cost and value of manure distribution. A 2,500 head feedlot was used as a case study to calculate excretion amounts from cattle fed diets with a range of phosphorus. Diet P and subsequent costs of distributing that manure were used to analyze the corresponding costs of manure P distribution, in addition to determining the required acres needed to be in compliance with a nutrient management plan (NMP) based on use of manure P by the crops grown. The model illustrated when animals are fed diets of increasing P concentration, total distribution cost increased, ranging from $2.80 - $5.10/head finished/year, but the agronomic and market value of manure produced increased at a rate faster than the rate of increasing costs of distribution for a small feedlot.