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January 2004


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An Evaluation of Economic Efficiencies of Two Beef Systems from Calving to Harvest
A System for Wintering Spring-calving Bred Heifers Without Feeding Hay
Effect of Gestation and Supplementation on Intake of Low-quality Forage

A Review of Corn Stalk Grazing on Animal Performance and Crop Yield
Feed Values for Annual Forages in Western Nebraska
Urea Inclusion in Forage Based Diets Containing Dried Distillers Grains
Effect of Distillers Grains or Corn Supplementation Frequency on Forage Intake and Digestibility
Dried Distillers Grains as a Grazed Forage Supplement

Effects of Corn Bran and Degradable Protein Source on Microbial Protein Estimated from Spot Urine Samples in Heifers
Effects of Corn Bran and Degradable Protein Source on Finishing Heifer Performance and Estimates of Microbial Protein Supply in High Moisture Corn Finishing Diets
Influence of Implant Regimen on Performance and Carcass Characteristics in Feedlot Steers
Delayed Implanting Improves Quality Grade in Steer Calves
Basis Variability on the Feeder Cattle Contract Versus the Failed Stocker Contract
Effect of Wet and Dry Distillers Grains Plus Solubles and Supplemental Fat Level on Performance of Yearling Finishing Cattle
Phosphorus Requirement for Finishing Heifers
Sodium Chloride Levels for Finishing Feedlot Heifers
The Influence of Corn Kernel Traits on Feedlot Cattle Performance
Evaluation of Initial Implants for Finishing Heifers
Wet Corn Gluten Feed and Alfalfa Hay Levels in Dry-rolled Corn Finishing Diets
Prediction of Net Energy Adjuster for Feedlot Cattle When Using the 1996 Beef Cattle NRC Model
Vaccination and Direct Fed Microbials as Intervention Strategies for Reduction of E. coli 0157:H7 in Feedlot Steers
Reducing Diet Digestibility and Increasing Pen Cleaning Frequency: Effects on Nitrogen Losses and Compost Nitrogen Recovery
Impact of Cleaning Frequency on Nitrogen Balance in Open Feedlot Pens
Hydrogen Sulfide Concentration in Vicinity of Beef Cattle Feedlots
Crop Performance and Soil Properties of Sites Previously Used for Production of Beef Cattle Manure Compost

Beef Products
Consumer Preference and Value of Beef with Country-Of-Origin Labeling
Consumer Acceptance and Value of Beef From Various Countries of Origin
Consumer Acceptance and Value of Wet Aged and Dry Aged Beef Steaks
Cow Muscle Profiling: A Comparison of Chemical and Physical Properties of 21 Muscles from Beef and Dairy Cow Carcasses
Carcass Traits and Palatability Attributes of Herdmates Finished as Calves or Yearling Steers

New Technology
Effect of Conjugated Linoleic Acid on Cell Death in Adipose Tissue
Conjugated Linoleic Acid Metabolism and Body Fat Loss in Mice
Effect of Age, Pregnancy, and Diet on Urinary Creatinine Excretion in Heifers and Cows