Department of Animal Science


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January 2005


Published in 2005 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report. Copyright © 2004 The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska.


Three experiments were conducted to determine effects of soybeans on reproduction in heifers. In Experiment 1, heifers received whole soybeans or control diet with wet corn gluten feed for 110 days. Heifers receiving soybeans had decreased synchronization rate and delayed estrous response. Diet did not affect AI conception, AI pregnancy, or final pregnancy rates. In Experiments 2 and 3, heifers received supplements of ground soybeans or dried distillers grains. Heifers in Experiment 2 were predominantly prepubertal and supplemented 161 days. Heifers in Experiment 3 were postpubertal and supplemented 30 days. Heifers fed soybeans had larger dominant follicles than those fed distillers grains.