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January 2005


Published in 2005 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report. Copyright © 2004 The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska.


Sixty steers were individually fed for a 101-day period to evaluate two corn processing methods, dry rolled (DRC) or 29% moisture reconstituted corn (HMC), in combination with two levels of alfalfa hay (0% and 7% DM) in finishing diets containing 25% wet corn gluten feed (WCGF). Final body weight was greater for the steers fed DRC compared to steers fed HMC diets. Steers receiving DRC treatments had a 16% higher DMI than HMC treatments. DMI was greater in the DRC 7% alfalfa treatment than DRC 0% alfalfa treatment, while there was no difference between the HMC treatments. There was a trend for a better feed conversion for DRC 0% alfalfa hay compared to HMC 0% alfalfa hay. The results indicate that 25% WCGF inclusion level was insufficient to overcome the subacute acidosis associated with diets based on high moisture corn in this study.