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January 2005


Published in 2005 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report. Copyright © 2004 The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska.


University of Florida, Gainesville, FL Eight ruminally cannulated heifers were used in a replicated 4 x 4 Latin square to determine the effects of replacing dry rolled corn with corn bran or a combination of corn bran and corn steep, on diet digestibility and rumen environment. Heifers received diets including 0% bran, 30% bran, 30% bran/15% steep and 45% bran/ 15% steep. Byproduct diets were effective in reducing acidosis and had lower dry matter and organic matter digestibilities than the control diet, regardless of steep inclusion. Fiber digestion and microbial efficiency may have been promoted with the inclusion of corn bran and steep in the diet. Feeding a diet containing corn bran and steep may be valuable for improving nutrient utilization in the rumen.