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January 2004


Published in 2004 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report. Copyright © 2003 The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska.


Sixty head of crossbred heifers (614 lb initial BW) were individually fed one of five levels of phosphorus of 0.10, 0.17, 0.24, 0.31, 0.38 % of diet DM with supplemental P from monosodium phosphate. Heifers were fed an energy-dense diet composed primarily of corn starch and corn fiber to minimize P from corn. When compared to the other four levels, heifers fed at the 0.10 % P level had lower DMI, ADG and final BW. Heifers fed 0.10%P had lower plasma P concentration. Breakpoint analysis of ADG suggests that the P requirement for finishing heifers is 0.115% P of diet DM within the range of 8.2 to 10.3g P/day (0.104 and 0.127% P on a DM basis).