Department of Animal Science


Date of this Version

January 2001


Published in Nebraska Beef Cattle Report 2001, published by Agricultural Research Division, University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension, and Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska–Lincoln.


Three finishing trials were conducted to determine effect of corn processing on degradable intake protein requirement of feedlot cattle. Finishing diets consisted of 82% processed corn which was either dry rolled, high moisture, or steam flaked. Degradable intake protein levels were achieved by adding 0 to 2.0% urea (DM basis) to the control diets. Estimates of degradable intake protein requirement for a dry-rolled corn-based diet were approximately 6.3% of dietary DM. Degradable intake protein requirement for high-moisture corn-based diets was approximately 10% of dietary DM. Degradable intake protein requirement for steam-flaked corn-based diet was between 7 and 9.5% of dietary DM.